Patricia Ackor, Artist

Ablaze on the Blue Ridge
colored pencil/pastel drawing of flame azaleas

Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in late June, 1996, I was amazed by the "pumpkin-colored" hillsides. Stopping to investigate (and sketch and photograph), I discovered fist-sized blossoms I'd never seen before, attached to huge bushes that seemed to blanket the area. Inquiring at the Ranger Station, I was told they were Flame Azaleas, a wild variety of the common garden plant that doesn't seem to "domesticate" well. That's just fine with me as I feel the color should be reserved for the places it evolved and delight only those who choose to drive that scenic roadway at that time of year. As opposed to all other images in my Florals Gallery, this original was done with colored pencil and pastel on charcoal paper.

Size: 15.25"W x 21.25"H 
I have signed/numbered (edition of 150) lithographs of this image available for $39.
I have open edition lithographs also available for $15.
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