Patricia Ackor, Artist
oil, watercolor, colored pencil/pastel, fiber


In Memory of a Canyon tapestry
In Memory of a Canyon
Creative Weavings - At Syracuse, as an Interior Design major, I took two years of weaving and became hooked; no pun intended. After graduation, I created one-of-a-kind wallhangings, tapestries, light fixtures, window treatments, rugs, upholstery fabric, etc., for my design clients and then, later, for designers and the public from my weaving studio in Washington, D.C. Here in Tucson, I hope to continue weaving, on a commission basis.
Window on the West stitchery
Window on the West
Stitcheries - These are my images of scenes from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (many years pre-Peter Jackson's vision), done with wool, silk and other fibers on cotton duck canvas.
Karner Blue butterfly
Wildlife portraits - I'm fascinated by eyes and the "character" I believe they can show. Rather than attempt to emulate the many wonderful artists doing wildlife paintings in situ, I decided on a more 'up close and personal' viewpoint. All these portraits are done with colored pencil and pastel on charcoal paper.
 The Wreck watercolor
The Wreck
Watercolors from photographs -  Between 1880 and 1900 Clifton Johnson took black and white photographs all over the world but especially in the Hudson River Valley of New York. To me, his photographs looked like watercolors and I have adapted a series of them using that medium on paper.
fall foliage oil painting
Joyous Waters
Landscapes in oil - When the subject is mountains, desert sunsets or sunrises, or any other vista I feel requires the "solidity" of oil paint, that is usually the medium I choose.  
cactus blossom watercolor
When Cactus Bloom V
Florals -  The Spring of 2008 provided a spectacular display of cactus in flower throughout the Tucson area. I've painted six, so far, in watercolor on paper, to add to other floral portraits in my gallery.
  sunset with crane watercolor
Sunset with Crane
Landscapes in watercolor -  For some of my landscape subjects, especially where I'm trying to capture a misty quality, or sunlight through leaves, or other insubstantial attributes, I choose watercolor over oil. All the images in this gallery are watercolor on paper.
Guardian of the Canyon watercolor
Lithographs and Giclées - In 1998 I self-published 20 of my images as high-quality four-color off-set lithographs; they are depicted here, as well as in previous galleries. In addition, a few of my newer works have been reproduced as giclées.

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