Patricia Ackor, Artist

Osceola - The Spirit Still Soars

This is a portrait of a real bird, Osceola. You can read his incredible "story" here:
If for any reason the address doesn't connect, you can go to The American Eagle Foundation's home page (, then click on "ABOUT," then on "Our Special Eagles" then on "Osceola: The Hang Gliding Eagle." It's worth the effort, believe me. In his portrait, I have attempted to portray the fire that still burns in his keen eyes, reminding one of the phrase, "the look of eagles."

Size: 21"W x 22"H  
The original was donated to the American Eagle Foundation
I have signed/numbered (edition of 150) lithographs of this image available for $39.
I have open edition lithographs also available for $15.
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All Images 2013, Patricia Ackor