Patricia Ackor, Artist

The Hudson River at Irvington
watercolor from a 100-year-old photograph

When I first noticed Clifton Johnson's title for his photograph of this image, which I have retained, I immediately thought of my mother, who was born in Irvington, NJ. I knew she would have loved this view as much as I did and so I was doubly anxious to paint it. Only after it was completed did I realize that Irvington, NJ, isn't on the Hudson River and, therefore, this had to be a scene at Irvington, NY. Oh well, my mother would have loved it anyway, and so do I. Unfortunately, the view must look quite different today than it did when Mr. Johnson was taking his photographs. Alas.... This was the first of my adaptations to which I applied a "fall palette" of colors.

Size: 31.5,"W x 25.5"H x 2"D
Gallery framed
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